Digital Classroom membership is a solid investment in yourself or your team. See rapid and continuous skill improvement and enhanced creativity. Members enjoy exclusive access to thousands of videos, e-books, lessons, training, and an upbeat and involved learning community. New courses and e-books are added every month so you can keep your skills fresh.

Annual Membership

Best value for year-long learning

Annual membership option maximizes the value of Digital Classroom. Learn wherever you go, the way you want, and on your favorite gadget. Interact with amazing instructors, authors, and your peers. Whether you are just starting out or brushing up on skills, get unlimited, continuous training you need to succeed.

Monthly Membership

In the Know... In the Now!

Get in, find what you need and go! Monthly membership is ideal for those who need quick training for a specific need. Learn a particular skill; get up-to-speed on software or an application; power up that presentation.

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Your Member Benefits

Video Training

Expert online training. Deep-dive search capability. User-friendly instruction. Just press Play.

Learning Community

Ask questions. Get solutions. Share your wisdom. Our community of experts and learners makes the road to brilliance so much fun!

E-book Library

Our library of e-books is unparalleled —hundreds of hot topics written by renowned content experts.Tap in and find precisely what you need.

Dashboard Management

Save and organize content. Restart videos where you left off. Build your own custom playlist of content to view whenever you want.

Lesson Files

Practice what they teach! Expert-provided lesson files invite you to sharpen and refine your skills as you gain them.

Easy-to-Search Content

Whatever you’re looking for, our finely-tuned video and e-book search capabilities zero in on what you need to know, when you need to know it.

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